So why join the HWPA?

1. To be able to stand for, and vote at, elections for the committee who work on behalf of all members in liaising with racecourses to work towards improving facilities and access for the media.
2. To be kept informed, by newsletter and by full access to the HWPA website of all developments as they affect journalists, broadcasters and photographers in covering the sport.
3. To have priority in purchasing tickets for themselves and their guests at the Annual Derby Awards Lunch, held in  London every December, regarded widely across the sport as the best lunch of the racing year.
4. To take part in events, such as Golf Days, organised by the HWPA, which give excellent opportunities for socialising with other members and friends.

Membership is open to all members of the media, be they local newspaper journalist or a National Sports Editor. Annual subscription is currently £25.

Please download the APPLICATION FORM for membership to the HWPA.