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2017 HWPA Tipping competition sponsored by RaceBets – latest July 7

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HWPA Tipping competition sponsored by RaceBets

After round two at Royal Ascot, which was won by ARTHUR JONES (+£47) from DARRELL WILLIAMS (+ £30) & DAVID CLEARY (£29.44), the standings are as follows:-

Arthur Jones. + £45.00
David Cleary. +£28.24
Richard Williams. +£22.63
Chris Wright. +£18.00
Darrell Williams. +£16.00
Frank Keogh. +£13.78
Martin Kelly. +£7.00
Daragh O Conchuir. +£4.52
Paul Wheeler. +£4.11
Andrew Mount. +£4.08
Julian Armfield. +£0.60
Kel Mansfield. +£0.50
Jack Millan. -£0.62
Michael Shinners. -£1.08
Marcus Townend. -£6.05
Jason Heavey. -£9.63
Sue Montgomery. -£10.42
Craig/Nigel Spencer. -£11.00
Ben Hutton. -£14.50
Mark Openshaw. -£16.50
Tom Peacock. -£16.50
Matt Brocklebank. -£18.38
John Henwood. -£22.35
Matt Bisogno. -£23.00
Bill Selwyn. -£24.05
Ed Prosser. -£32.00
Neil Clark. -£37.68
Donn McClean. -£38.50
Johnno Spence. -£40.38

Contestants are reminded that Round Three runs over the three days of the Newmarket July Meeting which starts on Thursday next week (July 13, 2017). A reminder will be emailed out on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.


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from Marcus Townend, HWPA President:-

Changes are being proposed by the Racecourse Association to the system of accreditation for racing media and it is important to gain feedback from members of the HWPA.

In a move which was initiated by the RCA last year, the initiative would see the end to the metal badge system with it being replaced by some sort of photo ID system similar to that which exists at major meetings like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot.

The RCA say that the old metal badge system is outdated and that a picture ID would bring racing in line with accreditation systems used by other sports.

They claim the benefits would also include increased security, easier identification and lost IDs would be easier (and less expensive) to replace.

They also argue that such a lanyard system would be subject to less abuse.

Car parking would remain the same and there would be different coloured lanyards for different levels of access.

I think it is fair to say that the HWPA committee is split on this proposal. Some accept or find it hard to argue against a modernisation of the system.

Others believe that the changes will not have the desifred effect the RCA are seeking.

The RCA have not yet supplied any specific numbers on fraud in the system, although we know that it takes place.

Currently, there is no suggestion that there will be changes to any of the other badges that allow access to a racecourse (ie RCA, Trainer, Jockey).

While it is a weak argument against a change that people ‘don’t fancy wearing a lanyard’, one of the main cases put up against change is that entry systems at many racecourses are so lax and badly manned that any change to a badge system is futile when trying to combat fraudulent entry.

No matter what system is in place for 2018, it is likely that applications for accreditation this autumn will have to be accompanied by a photograph of the applicant.

While discussions continue with the RCA, it would be good to get feedback from HWPA members on concerns or queries. Any comments should be forwarded to

Goodwood Golf – HWPA/Al Shaqab Competition – on Monday, July 31, 2017

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The traditional HWPA Goodwood Golf competition will take place this year on Monday, July 31 on The Downs course.

It will once again be sponsored by Al Shaqab, will be free to enter and Goodwood will be pulling out all the stops to make this one of the best ever tournaments.

Starting at 11.30am for coffee and Goodwood’s gourmet bacon baps, with a Shotgun start at 12.30pm.

There will be a team and individual even,t plus HWPA members champ.

Following the battle on the course, there will be Goodwood’s five star Al fresco BBQ and prize ceremony.

To confirm your place, please contact Dan Abraham at dan.pix@btinternet.com or 07973 431119.

Second leg of HWPA Tipping Competition begins at Royal Ascot on Tuesday

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The winner of the first round of the HWPA tipping competition, supported by RaceBets, and staged over the two-day Epsom Derby meeting  was Andy Mount with a profit  of £21.63.

Andy wins the first prize of £400 and takes an early lead in the annual competition.

Second place was taken by Paul Wheeler (+£7.68) and third by Michael Shinners (+£7.05). They win £150 and £50 respectively.

Competitors are reminded that the second leg of the HWPA Tipping competition begins at Royal Ascot on Tuesday and runs over the five days of the meeting.

 Entries should be submitted daily to Will Lefebve (willlefebve@yahoo.co.uk) before the first race each day.


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HWPA TIPPING COMPETITION 2017 – register now, deadline approaching

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The 2017 Tipping Competition, once again generously backed by RaceBets, will get under way at the two-day Investec Derby Meeting (June 2 & 3) at Epsom Downs.

Joseph Burke, international spokesman for RaceBets, said: “RaceBets are delighted to continue our association with such a prestigious and popular competition for another year and look forward to another strong entry from the HWPA members.

“You can also check out the new RaceBets Blog for horse racing news, views and previews.”

This year’s competition will consist of SEVEN legs and ALL legs will count to the final profit/loss total. Entry is £100 and that entry fee MUST be paid up front before the competition begins.

Any entries who have not paid after the first leg will be discarded.

Final prizes will be calculated when we know how many entrants we have but a minimum prize for the overall winner of £1,000 is guaranteed with each individual leg winner guaranteed a minimum £250.

Hopefully, these sums will rise considerably.

The winning cheque will be presented at the HWPA Annual Lunch on Monday 4 December.

Will Lefebve has kindly agreed to administrate this year’s competition.


The seven legs are:

Investec Derby Meeting (2 days) – June 2 & 3

Royal Ascot (5 days) – June 20-24

Newmarket July (3 days) – July 13-15

Glorious Goodwood (5 days) – August 1-5

Doncaster St Leger (4 days) – September 13-16

Ascot Champions day (1 day) – October 21

Cheltenham Open Meeting (3 days) – November 17-19



Tipsters can pay for the tipping competition by cheque for £100 to Horserace Writers Association, Parr Green Cottage, Shocklach, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 7BJ

But preferably pay by internet banking to the HWPA account number; 80078751 and sort code; 20-59-14



1 Entries should be emailed to: willlefebve@yahoo.co.uk each day before the first race of each leg. Late entries will be counted as losers.

2 All legs count to final total

3 In the event of a selection being a Non-Runner, your selection will revert to the SP favourite. In the case of Joint-Favs, the selection will be the horse whose name starts with the earliest letter in the alphabet.

4 Failure to enter will result in selections being counted as losers.

5 You will receive an email reminder 24 hours before each competition.

6 In the event of a dispute, the HWPA Committee’s decision is final

Summer Membership Offer launched by HWPA on May 18, 2017

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Summer Membership Offer launched today by HWPA
Do you work in horserace media?
If so, you are encouraged to strengthen the membership base of the Horserace Writers’ & Photographers’ Association, via our Festivals Meeting offer, launched today (May 18), which will ensure we have a thoroughly robust membership to represent our views.
Throughout the Summer Festival period, from May to September 2017, applications from new members are offered at the special price of £20, covering the period to January 31, 2018.  The relevant application form is below.
Any existing members are reminded that annual subscriptions of £25, covering the full year, were due back in February 2017!
Retired members have their own subscription rate of £10 per annum.
As media coverage of horseracing continues to evolve, in response to ongoing advances in technology and the explosion of social media, it remains a priority to be confident that the interests of individuals working in the sector have a strong Association to provide central representation.
The Association’s President Marcus Townend said: “We need to ensure those benefitting from the work of the Association have an opportunity to join our ranks. Membership provides a forum for views to be taken forward within the sector and contribute towards enhancing facilities for everyone working in horserace media.”
The HWPA was formed back in April, 1927 and was refreshed in 1967. The Association is managed by a committee of 12, who are drawn from the current membership and their election forms part of the Annual General Meeting held every year at Aintree Racecourse on Grand National Day.
Principally, the HWPA acts as the liaison between the Racecourse Association (RCA) and the horseracing media to provide the best possible media centres at all UK racecourses for bona-fide members of the media.
There is an annual awards lunch every December (Monday, December 4, 2017), hosted by the HWPA; a must-attend gig to celebrate best practice within our field.
Eligibility for the media awards is restricted to paid up members of the HWPA.
Additional details of activities undertaken by the Association are available on the website, please check out: www.hwpa.org.
Horserace Writers & Photographers Association
Valid until September 30, 2017
Business:                                                      Home:
Signed: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Please enrol me as a new member of the HWPA until February 1, 2018 (fractional year membership)
As we are media people, used to working electronically, the preferred payment method is on-line:
Account Name: Horserace Writers
Sort code:  20-59-14
Account No:  80078751
Please reference your £20 payment with:  Subs then your own name
Why not set up a bankers order for £25 from February 1, 2018?
The completed membership form, if paying on line, can be e-mailed to:  dan.pix@btinternet.com
Alternatively post a cheque for £20 payable to HWPA, together with the completed membership form to:
Dan Abraham, HWPA Membership, 28 Eagle Gardens, Bedford, MK41 7FE

HWPA NEWSLETTER new President’s first

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President: Marcus Townend

Vice President: David Cleary

Treasurer: Jan Green

Membership Secretary: Dan Abraham

Committee Members: Graham Clark, Graham Dench, Will Hayler, Martin Kelly, Steve Payne, Louise Pollard, Mark Popham, Tom Peacock, David Carr


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The media accreditation process for the 2017 Investec Derby Festial closes this Friday 12 May.

The link to apply for those who have not already done so is here – https://secure.sportssystems.com/events2/?eventKey=1db94b73-64f8-4c34-a3f7-29f24f95740f

The application process for Royal Ascot is now also open. Link available here – http://www.ascot.co.uk/press/