2020 Derby Awards – The complete list of nominees

The complete list of nominations for the 2020 Derby Awards, supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club,  has been finalised after a decisions by panels of judges and votes from the HWPA membership.

The winners will be announced on special Derby Awards programme on Sky Sports Racing broadcast on Thursday 10 December.

Racing Writer of the Year
David Carr
David Jennings
Peter Thomas
Jonathan Harding

Racing Reporter of the Year
Bill Barber
Chris Cook
Lewis Porteous
Lee Mottershead

Broadcaster of the Year
Ed Chamberlin
Niall Hannity
Nick Luck
Jamie Lynch

Specialist Writer
Bill Barber
Matt Bisogno
Chris McGrath
Franck Mourier

Emerging Talent 
Adam Houghton
Callum Jamieson
Nick Seddon
Josh Stacey

Photographer of the Year
Mark Cranham
John Hoy
Tracy Roberts
Hugh Routledge

Picture of the Year
Francesca Altoft
John Hoy
Tony Knapton
Tracy Roberts

Flat Jockey of the Year
Hollie Doyle
Tom Marquand
William Buick
Jim Crowley

Flat Trainer of the Year
John Gosden
William Haggas
Aidan O’Brien
Marcus Tregoning

 Jump Jockey of the Year
Rachel Blackmore
Brian Hughes
Barry Geraghty
Paul Townend

Jump Trainer of the Year
Nicky Henderson
Willie Mullins
Paul Nicholls
Fergal O’Brien

Owner of the Year
Hamdan Al Maktoum
JP McManus
Marie & Joe Donnelly
La Pyle Partnership

International Trainer of the Year
James Fanshawe
William Haggas
John Gosden
Kevin Ryan

HWPA members are invited to cast their vote for 2020 Derby Awards

HWPA members are invited to cast their vote for 2020 Derby Awards in the following categories

The categories are:

Racing Writer of the Year

David Carr – examples of work can be found here

David Jennings – examples of work can be found here

Peter Thomas – examples of work can be found here

Jonathan Harding – examples of work can be found here

Racing Reporter of the Year

Chris Cook – examples of work can be found here

Bill Barber – examples of work can be found here

Lewis Porteous – examples of work can be found here

Lee Mottershead – examples of work can be found here

Broadcaster of the Year

Ed Chamberlin

Matt Chapman

Alex Hammond

Jamie Lynch

Nick Luck

Niall Hannity

Flat Jockey of the Year

Hollie Doyle

Tom Marquand

William Buick

Ben Curtis

Oisin Murphy

Jim Crowley

Flat trainer of the Year

John Gosden

Aidan O’Brien

Marcus Tregoning

Andrew Balding

Charlie Appleby

William Haggas

Jump Jockey of the Year

Brian Hughes

Jonjo O’Neill jr

Paddy Brennan

Rachel Blackmore

Paul Townend

Barry Geraghty

Jump Trainer of the Year

Paul Nicholls

Nicky Henderson

Willie Mullins

Gordon Elliott

Fergal O’Brien

Dan Skelton

Owner of the Year

Hamdan Al Maktoum

JP McManus

Marie & Joe Donnelly

La Pyle Partnership

Qatar Racing

Khaled Abdullah

Derby Awards – 2020

The decision has been made by the HWPA that the 2020 Derby Awards will not be staged as a physical event.

The current situation and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has made it impossible to plan with any clarity and the Committee were not prepared to make financial commitments given that uncertainty.

The Derby Awards are a massive financial commitment for an organisation the size of the HWPA.

Options to still hand out the awards are being considered and the committee will update members when a decision is made.   L�9-F�@

Racecourse media slots available w/c Monday 29 June

Racecourse media slots available
w/c Monday 29 June The BHA and RCA have agreed that the two media slots currently allowed at each meeting can now be opened up should the Press Association and Racing Post not be represented at the meeting.
The slots available next week are:
Yarmouth (Monday 29th) 1 x slot free
Windsor (Monday 29th) 1 x slot free
Thirsk (Monday 29th) 2 x slots free

Musselburgh (Tuesday 30th) 2 x slots free
Chepstow (Tuesday 30th) 2 x slots free
Leicester (Tuesday 30th) 2 x slots free

Musselburgh (Wednesday 1st July) 2 x slots free
Kempton (Wednesday 1st July) 2 x slots free

Catterick (Thursday 2nd) 2 x slots free
Bath (Thursday 2nd) 1 x slot free
Wolverhampton (Thursday 2nd) 2 x slots free

Haydock (Friday 3rd) 2 x slots free
Chepstow (Friday 3rd) 2 x slots free
Hamilton(Friday 3rd) 2 x slots free
Wolverhampton (Friday 3rd) 2 x slots free

Haydock (Saturday 4th) 2 x slots free
Yarmouth (Saturday 4th) 2 x slots free
Chelmsford (Saturday 4th) 2 x slots free

Haydock (Sunday 5th) 2 x slots free
Doncaster (Saturday 4th) 2 x slots free

These slots can only be taken up by working media and all successful applicants must subject themselves to BHA Covid-19 protocol tests.

You may be required to provide a letter of support from an employer.
Anyone wishing to apply for these slots should email hwpacontacts@gmail.com
The HWPA is working with the RCA and BHA to find what opportunities can be created because of the Government’s decision to reduce Social Distancing from 2m to 1m from July 4.

Access to Resumption Pool for RCA accredited Photographers

Press Photo Pool Application
If you wish to apply to have access to the “behind closed doors” photo pool, please complete the following form and return to francesca.altoft@gmail.com

This pool is to allow photographers to fulfil pre-existing photo contracts.

Please note: Photos within the pool are to be used for press use only, and are NOT to be used commercially to send to owners, trainers etc.

Anyone found to be using the images commercially will have their access to the photo pool revoked. The photos must not be used to source new business.

Photo copyright must remain with the original photographer. The name of the photographer must remain in the photo metadata.

We endeavour to have photos made available from all race meetings taking place. You will be notified how to access the photo pool in due course.
Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________________
RCA Press Number (if applicable): __________________________________________________
Publications/Organisations/Agencies you supply and the regularity with which they use your photos:
Contact information and client information will not be shared outside of the HWPA.
  Copyright © HWPA 2020

Photographer Information – Racing Resumption

Photographers’ Information for the
Resumption of Racing Behind Closed Doors

At all stages during the thought process for the way in which racecourse photography will work when racing resumes behind closed doors, the HWPA, RCA and BHA have been in regularly consultation.

We have kept photographers as up to date as possible as suggested guidelines have changed.

This document is intended to provide transparency on the process adopted to arrive at our solution.

Throughout the process, our priority has been to arrive at a solution aimed at minimising financial loss through lack of work, and that all photographers would have the ability to fulfil existing contracts.

To avoid misinformation, we ask that you do not listen to advice from people other than the HWPA, RCA and BHA due to many people interpreting the guidelines in their own way.

We also ask that photographers adopt a sense of teamwork for the time being in order to get through these unprecedented times.

How the decision was made as to who will be press photographers covering British racing behind closed doors

Following video calls with the BHA and RCA on the week beginning 18th May, the HWPA committee were advised that the BHA would only be allowing course photographers (deemed racecourse staff) and 10 press photographers (essential workers) who would be selected to cover every meeting on the updated fixture list from racing’s resumption on 1st June.

Whilst it is regrettable that all photographers cannot be given the ability to go racing, these are extreme circumstances and we must work with the BHA to safeguard the wellbeing of racing’s participants and the wider community.

It was decided, in conjunction with the BHA and RCA, that the best way in which to fairly put together a list of 10 press photographers was to give all photographers the option to ‘nominate’ 10 photographers who they thought would be best suited to the job. We then compiled the list and worked out the 10 most mentioned.

These photographers were contacted to ensure that they were happy to be included in the pool of photographers. We hoped that this compiled list by the photographers would not be based on popularity and instead on their professionalism and ability to carry out the job at hand.

We apologise sincerely if anybody was not contacted about their nominated photographers as we did not have access to a full list of contact details on the RCA database due to GDPR regulations.

The 10 photographers selected are:

  • Alan Crowhurst
  • Edward Whitaker
  • Dan Abraham
  • Mark Cranham
  • Bill Selwyn
  • George Selwyn
  • Francesca Altoft
  • David Davies
  • Hugh Routledge
  • Steve Davies

The photographers who make up the pool have agreed that their photos will be shared amongst those wishing to have access in order to complete their own work.

Who attends which day’s racing will be decided based on a rota system in accordance with the BHA guidelines on any testing/isolation periods, as well as being looked at regionally where possible.

Our intention is to have a press photographer as well as a course photographer at all race meetings.

Covid-19: Outline of Proposed Media arrangements for Resumption of Racing

Plans for media access for the first few weeks of the sport’s resumption are being finalised with the BHA/RCA and full details should be available to be circulated in the coming days.

However, the committee wanted to give HWPA members a general outline of what the situation will look like.

With the BHA and racecourses/RCA operating on a basis of only those who are essential to a meeting being allowed on track, the access will initially be very tight.

To start this will involve TWO reporters and TWO Photographers per fixture. This was non-negotiable.

The RCA have restricted this to a representative of the Racing Post & Press Association while it will be a Racecourse and Press Photographer.

Plans have been drawn up so that their work will be pooled and accessible. Details will be circulated asap.

There are also plans to use technology, such as Zoom, to allow media away from the course to have access to participants and officials for briefings and Press Conferences, in particular on the first day back racing and after Pattern races.

Pools of Reporters from the PA & Racing Post as well as Photographers are being drawn up to allow them time to go through the protocols necessary to gain entry to the racecourse while the restrictions are in place.

The BHA and racecourses have agreed that these protocols should, initially, be tied to the Government’s phases of its response.

At present Government has outlined that Phase 2 of its response is expected to be in place for one month, and therefore these policies are also initially expected to be in place for this period.

However, the BHA and RCA have indicated that it may remain under review and there is potentially scope to revisit the protocols before the end of this period if felt appropriate or necessary – either to relax or further tighten them.

Owing to the scale of the event and the site itself, a slight carve-out is being made for Royal Ascot. Protocols for this meeting are still being drawn up by the racecourse and may be marginally different, however we are informed it is not expected that they will be significantly different to the existing protocol.

COVID-19 – media arrangement update

The HWPA is aware that members are waiting for information on what will be happening when racing hopefully returns on June 1 and are also anxious for updates.

With the naming of a date for the sport to re-start, more focus is now being placed on wider operational measures.

RCA executives held a video meeting with racecourse and BHA representatives on Thursday afternoon when a set of proposals and options from the HWPA was also discussed.

The RCA are drawing up a draft proposal over the weekend and this will be relayed to HWPA for discussion early next week. 

As soon as any firm proposals are agreed, they will be relayed to the membership via the HWPA and RCA.


COVID-19: Return to racing planning

We are approaching the time when hopefully it looks like there should be some movement towards the sport getting back under way in some form.

It is the HWPA’s intention to keep you as informed as possible with what we understand is happening within our section of the racing world.

The HWPA has had initial discussions with the BHA and it is now possible to get a better idea of what is being planned. At the same time, things are not yet set in stone and are changing all the time.

What seems increasingly certain, however, is that in the early stages of racing returning behind closed doors under strict biosecurity measures access is going to be extremely limited.

Hopefully, this will open up a little as the sport shows it can operate to the satisfaction of Public Health England in the ensuing weeks but it is not yet possible to give a clear time line on how this will develop.

But as long as racing takes place behind closed doors the blunt reality of the situation is that not everyone who wants to go to the racecourse is going to be able to go.

The only way forward while this particularly tight situation exists looks like being a Pool System of Photographers and Journalists where we work together and share opportunities.

Those who have access to the racecourse will have to supply those who are not able to have access with the same pictures and copy they use.

How this will work is still being worked out and any questions should be submitted to the HWPA (hwpacontacts@gmail.com) or passed on to Committee member.

Some of representatives will be contacting members to work out the best way forward in the situation we find ourselves.

It is unlikely that any more information will emerge until early next week after the Government has revealed its plans to eased the lockdown.

It is, however, clear that media given access will be subject to the same biosecurity tests before attending a racecourse as participants and officials.

This is likely to include a screening test system which will be co-ordinated by the BHA and health questionnaires as well as temperature testing at the track.

Testing of people who visit multiple tracks will be continuous to ensure they are clear of COVID-19.

Anyone who has underlying health conditions or who lives with a family member or friend who is potentially vulnerable may have to consider whether it is wise to put themselves at risk.

The HWPA understands that there will be many members who are worried about the current situation and how it is going to unfold. This situation is not going to be easy.

But we intend to work as hard as we can to get as many media on track as possible.

We also pledge to keep you all informed of developments.    ; \�lV���Q

HWPA: Racing Welfare support for members

HWPA members are part of the racing community and eligible for help from Racing Welfare.

The charity has reiterated that they are there to try to offer support where they can. Clearly, for many HWPA members, especially freelancers and the self-employed, this will relate to financial hardship specifically.

But Racing Welfare also can offer advice and guidance services.

Listed below is the information we have been given by Racing Welfare with contact details.

If you need to access them, please explain you are a member of the Horserace Writers & Photographers Association.

• Please advise anyone who contacts the HWPA suffering with financial hardship that Racing Welfare is here and ready provide advice and support, including helping them to access statutory benefits. We will assess each person’s need for a hardship grant on an individual basis and guide them through this process
• People can call us on Racing’s Support Line 0800 6300 443 24hrs a day where our team will take their details and have a member of our welfare team call them back. Please do bear with as we work to help everyone during this incredibly busy time.
• If phoning during office hours (9-5, Mon-Fri), they can get through to a member of their local welfare team on the numbers below (anyone outside of these areas should call the Racing’s Support Line and a local roving officer will call them back):
o Malton: 01653 696 869
o Middleham: 01969 624 123
o Lambourn: 01488 670 034
o Newmarket: 01638 560 763
• Alternatively go to the racingwelfare.co.uk and click on the live chat link to speak to an advisor who will follow the same process as for a call to the Support Line.
• Text number is 07860 079 043.